Local Food, Unforgettable Flavor

We are a community restaurant; a family farm-owned establishment that aims to nourish the community with ‘real food’ in an inspired setting at good value. We serve vegetables and fruits; free-range, grass-fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meats; all-natural cheeses, spices, oils, grains, flours, nuts, seeds; and artisanal breads all sourced as locally and as organically as possible. We create seasonal dishes and special seasonal items on our menu. Buying local helps to build a sustainable community food system, which can improve the health of the community and the natural environment.

By partnering with local artisans and working with sustainable farmers, we're returning to an old-fashioned emphasis on quality. It’s tastier, it's better for you, and it makes us feel good! We respect our customers’ dietary preferences and nutritional goals.

Locally Grown

Almost everything that we produce on our Connemara Farm in Hawks will find it's way to our Chicory Cafe. For everything else, we source as locally and organically as we can to bring you the best flavor possible.

Real Food

We believe that transparency and knowledge are very important when it comes to food and nurturing our community; we are glad to share each ingredient and all the methods of preparation with our customers. We know our food and we are happy to tell you about it!

In Season

As the seasons change on the farm, new fruits and vegetables come into season. We create seasonal dishes and special seasonal items on our menu to capture that fresh flavor.